FPX10 is a combination of a function of a finger print reader with a GSM/GPRS transmitter. It can be used, inter alia, to control working time, to manage cleaning staff or as a standard access control thanks to its built-in exit. The capacitive reader of finger prints that was used here, enables to get precise image of a fingerprint.
The whole device was integrated with a standard keyboard of 4x3 buttons in a small compact casing that enables both its assembling on a wall as well as working with it as a desk set.
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Manufacturer: EU. Product code: FPX-10

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The characters of FPX10 :

- the metal box with the possibilty to fix it , dimension 141 x 91 x 25 mm

- the possibility to place it outdoor

- it has an accelerometer and the sensor of jamming signal ( it sends the alarm to the server)

- it registers when it is removed from the wall - it sends the alarm to the server

- it includes the RFID media reader, keypad for personal PIN and for personal finger print ( max. 500 prints in memory)

- the possibility of remote management by SMS or OSM server

- encrypted communication

- the possibility to connect it to the portal PATROLCONTROL or PCO 1 BOX

- the regular communication with the server in one minute interval

- the possibilty to find the location and movement and to write it in the maps

- the access to the data by internet according to individual user rights

- in the case of loss of the connection with the server, the internal memory sends the saved data to the server after the restoration

  of connection

- the possibility of output connections with the payroll software the customer (depending on the type of subsequent agreements and payroll program