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Product code: IDM-AG-TAG

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The identification media are used for marking of checking places. These tags are the most common contactless media in the long-wave band, 125 kHz amplitude modulation ( ASK), data format is Manchester. These media are made standardly in many designs. The device Active Guard uses tags with the diameter 2 cm, which are fasten by screws or by glue.

For the maximal resistance ( for example against vandalism) it is possible to place the media to the safe place ( behind the window, in the box etc.) You must keep the identification media need not be covered by metal the communication between media and device Active Guard runs correctly. It is not recommended to give tags on the metal surface. During the contactless reading, when the spreading of radio waves is necessary, the metal acts completely impenetrable between media and device. When the media is placed on the metal, the reading distance is shorter.