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Manufacturer: CZ. Product code: KOS-AUTO-DOCH

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For the registration of workers attendance, who should identify themselves in the one concrete identification place, there is suitable to install the sensor KoSguard in the practical plastic box that is possible to fix on the various surfaces. The worker identifies by his/her personal identification chip in the KOSguard - terminal. The terminals can be installed anywhere, inside or outside the object or building.

The manipulation with this device is very easy, because it has only 2 buttons (one for entry and one for exit) and the probe for the reading personal identification chip. The reading of chip is acoustically and optically indicated.

The sensors KOSguard - terminal are available in several kinds according to its memory capacity,i.e. ranging 250 to 8000 records (1 record equals to 1 checkpoint or 1 press of the button entry/exit). This terminal is small and light, but it is durable and resistant to any operating condition.

KOSguard-terminal ensures rigorous monitoring of  presence in the workplace of cleaning, maintenance, revision and the other workers. The capacity of the ordered sensor depends on the number of workers, records, records of entries and exits ( during 24 Hrs ) and how often you will send data from the sensor for the processing. The sensor - terminal with its own built-in LiPol 3,7 V/2600mAh battery works autonomously a few years, without any power supply.