The electronic patrol sensor with the capacity of memory for 4000 events. More >>
Manufacturer: CZ. Product code: KOS-01-4000

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It saves 4000 events.

The electronic sensor KOS safely collects all important informations on the patrols in its memory so, not to loose data during the lost of battery voltage.


After the reading of checkpoint the sensor saves its identification code with the date and time of identification.

The sensor is designed for the simple manipulation that is why it doesn't consist of external manipulation elements. One short touch is enough for reading of identification chip.

The user can choose the capacity of sensor from 100 events to 8000 events. It depends on the number of checkpoints in the area and on the frequency of patrols and schedule of reading of sensor memory to the data chip.

The simple design, high resistance and practical size - these are characters of this pocket electronic sensor KOS, serving for reading of identification points. For the employees who work responsible, this sensor is good assistant and guide, which records their responsible work and protect them from troubles.

This sensor can be also the big enemy for the dishonest workers who work perfunctorily.