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Product code: SW-WSOK-PRO

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Programme WSOK, working under operation system Windows, serves especially for input, maintenance and print of primary tables (databases), checkpoints, guards, devices and patrols.

The evaluating programme processes the informations on patrols. These informations are sent in the form of simple data about date, time and code of identification chip (checkpoint or personal chip of guard) from data chip. The programme gives the clear informations on the names of check places, evetually with the name of guard, who did the patrol.

When you input the patrol schedules and round specifications, the software is able to automatically evaluate the correctness of rounds.

Programme is ready to give the print form of asked assemblies and the outputs to the screen.

Characters of programme WSOK:

  • Database of devices, guards, checkpoints and patrols
  • Possibility of definition of individual patrols
  • Browsing or printing of listings for device, guard, checkpoint and round during the default time and range
  • Internal and customer listings ( with the names of guards or only with their personal numbers)
  • Executed patrols from many views, individual default of listing range
  • Function of bookmark
  • Possibility of separated evaluation of various objects
  • Ability of divided processing of patrol data according the firms
  • Automatic checking of correctness of patrol
  • Separation of guards in the groups ( for example various branch offices)
  • Table of user authorizations for an access to the programme
  • Possibility to edit the patrol data by authorized persons
  • Export of data files
  • Archiving

Minimal configuration of PC:

  • Software: Windows 95 and higher
  • Hardware: Processor 486 and higher