Guard tour sensor Active Track type AT-GR reads checkpoints and simultaneously records the GPS position of each event. More >>
Manufacturer: EU. Product code: AT-SN-02-GR

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Active Track sensor contains the same features as the sensor Active Guard. Additionally, thanks to the GPS, sensor can record position of point where the button was press and RFID tag read, or moving of the worker.

Each sensor Active Track has four control buttons, which are intended for:

  • to record current possition
  • to send alarm information (PANIC)
  • to send a request to call back, or direct voice communication with the pre-set phone number
  • to send SMS with a preset text and with GPS coordinates.


ACTIVE TRACK type AT-GR reads checkpoints and records every event with GPS position

The other functions, resistance and battery life are the same as the parametres of Active Guard. The Active Track GR may have the battery life lower ( 30-50%) thanks to GPS.

The set contents of : 1x device Active Track, 1x docking station with power supply, 1x battery for device, 2 x identification media, key for opening the battery  lid.