Great little helper is hidden in a miniature device, which is also a GPS tracker, a voice communicator and transmitter distress signal in case of an emergency. Atina can be used for mapping the movement of your family and for professional use in detective and guard services. More >>
Product code: ATINA-PER-GPS

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The characters of ATINA :

- the plastic resistant box, dimension 86 x 55 x 11 mm

- AC 220V / 50 Hz via an adapter DC 5 V / 500 mA with a micro USB connector or via a cable with a USB connector and a micro-USB connector on the PC / notebook and so on.

- it has the battery ( battery life 24 h) - the report about battery life

- the device is programmable and has a few modes of working

- it has an accelerometer and position sensor - function MAN DOWN

- the signalization : LED colors ( red - the status of charging battery, green - GSM signal, blue - GPS signal) and sound

- The SIM chip is bulit-in PCB - it can't be expoited

- two way communication with the device from any phone

- remote management via SMS

- encrypted communication

- displaying the route in Google Maps including GPS position and time

- the possibility of linking with the portal PATROLCONTROL and PCO 1BOX

- regular communication in one minute long interval with server

- the access to data via the Internet by individual user rights