Active Guard is an electronic device for guard patrol control. More >>
Manufacturer: EU. Product code: AG-SN-03

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The Active Guard is an electronic reading device with that it is possible to identify the person who makes patrols in the guarded area. Every device Active Guard has got 3 buttons to activate the device before the reading checkpoint, SOS ( PANIC) button for sending alarm information to the headquarters and the button for calling on one default phone number. The device manipulation is very easy and all device activities are acoustically indicated.

The Active Guard devices are made in one type. Although they are made from plastic with respect to contactless reading of media, they are shock resistant and waterproof.

The Active Guard has got a battery, that is charged in the docking station,so it is not necessary to remove it from the device. But every battery has its life with several charging cycles and sometimes it will need do change it. It is necessary to have got an access to it. The battery cover is secured by special screws. The key to them you will find in every Active Guard box. The device records every opening of cover and sends the alarm message to the central PC because it can be an unauthorized manipulation.